1911 Design for Entrance Gates and Railings

In 1911, ‘Laragh’ Patrick Duffy, a Civil Engineer in Carrickmacross, designed and built the entrance gates, wall and railings for St. Joseph’s Cemetery. 

His drawing appeared on page 210 of the 1st April 1911 edition of the trade journal, ‘The Irish Builder’ (IB 53), and is reproduced courtesy of the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland: PRONI Ref. D2403/J/1/1/2 - www.proni.gov.uk

He was known locally as ‘Laragh’ Pat Duffy, as he originated from Laragh Village, Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan.

The railings were constructed by Thomas and William Gordon, Blacksmiths from Carrickmacross.

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