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Carrickmacross Workhouse Heritage Staff have been collecting data relating to local history in the Barony of Farney which incorporates 5 parishes (Magheross, Donaghmoyne, Magheracloone, Killanny and Inniskeen) surrounding the town of Carrickmacross for quite a few years now. Currently we are in possession of quite a large collection of databases and articles relating to local graveyards, surveys, revisit books, newspaper articles etc. Our aim over the next number of years is to increase our collection which we feel is extremely worthwhile but proving expensive.

While we are quite happy to do the work we require a donation of €30 for an initial search which will go towards our genealogy research costs. If you complete the form below it will bring you to PayPal where you can make your donation. Any additional costs such as photocopying, postage, travelling etc will be extra.


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While we can give no guarantee to locate your ancestors we will certainly make our best efforts to do so. To help us with our search it is important to fill out as much details on the form shown below as possible.  To help you with your search view the following booklet published by Monaghan County Libraries. Click here to open.

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